York Multi Gyms

Being pioneers in fitness equipment, York fitness has successfully developed a number of exercising machines apart from the ever popular free hand weights. These equipments include simple strength trainers, bench presses, integrated units for limbs, abs and lats exercise such as pull up and down, leg curls and presses. To facilitate maximum versatility the multi-gyms come with various hand grip and leg rest positions, so that each member of the house can use it according to their needs. The quality of the product ensures enhanced longevity. The design of all the equipments is such that they consume the least possible space and are easy to move around. As far as style and aesthetic appeal is concerned these machines come in a variety of colours and styles to complement your d├ęcor. All machines come with their respective exercise manuals which ensure that you can learn and work out without the use of an expensive trainer. When buying such expensive equipment you always tend to worry about service needs, well worry not York provides you with premium customer care and even door step check ups. Available in almost all combinations of work out needs York Fitness is the one stop solution for multi-gyms and other exercise equipment.

More About York Fitness

York Fitness is one name that resonates in the corridors of every modern day gymnasium. With a plethora of products ranging from basic weights to multi-gyms, York fitness is truly the world leader in this domain. The inception of York was in form of two individual companies- the first having started in 1932 in USA focused on manufacturing of Olympic Weightlifting equipment. The second division established in Canada in 1936 began developing weight and bench equipment for home use. The two came together in 2004 and thus emerged a global brand. The company which has been in existence for over 75 years has been continually expanding its forte of developing quality fitness equipment.

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