Weider Multi Gyms

Weider’s easy to assemble system, an important factor to be considered before buying a multi gym, puts it on top of it competitors. When it comes to price comparison weider is cheaper without any compromise in the quality of equipment. With dealers spread across the geography and excellent after sales support Weider is a brand to be reckoned with in the world of fitness equipment.

More About Weider

Starting out as publishers of a number of fitness magazines, the weider group today has diversified into nutrition and more importantly fitness equipment. Having gained important experience from selling health journals, the weider group pioneers had correctly gauged the potential in fitness equipment. With a large chunk of the fitness equipment market under them, they have emrged as the most competitive players in this field. Starting out with weight training equipment the weider group today boasts of a wide range of combinational training units.

The weider multi gym equipment is available in three series namely Platinum, Advantage and max. While the premium platinum series allows one to do over 75 different exercises on just one single machine, the max and advantage series allows 60 different work –outs. One such machine which has lead to the exponential growth of Weider is the cross bow trainer, which allows the user to have maximum range of motion with a number of resistance levels. At any given time the addition of bows allows one to increase work-out levels. The other machines are the cross bar and elliptical machines which enable strength training along with lat pull ups and downs, leg curls and bench press. A great design and variety of hues allow you to take your pick to suit your décor needs to!

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