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Vitesse 150lb Home Gym Review

vitesse 150lb home multi gymThe level of fitness that you get from the Vitesse 150lb home gym will surely be enough to satisfy any users from beginners to intermediates and experts. The entire system is named after the 150 pound weight stack that allows anyone using the machine to take advantage of a whopping 30 different exercises. The low pulley is great for upright and seated rowing, pectoral deck, arm curling, bench presses, leg curling while standing, leg extension exercises while sitting and of course, the ever popular lateral pull-down exercises.

The Vitesse 150lb multi gym is also known for its stylish and modern appearance that not only looks great anywhere you put it but it also has the ability to fit in a variety of places including many small areas. The total weight of this model is 125 kilograms, or 275 pounds, which is right in the average area of home gym weight ranges. The dimensions of this Vitesse multi gym are 202 cm X 140 cm X 98 cm and considering the small amount of width this machine has there should be some light shed towards the issue of how it is easy to fit in a variety of places without much trouble.

Depending on where you purchase your Vitesse home gym, you will most likely end up getting the option to have a year of service for free on small parts and repairs paid for by the manufacturer. ┬áThis can be helpful when there are multiple people using the machine or you just use it enough to equal out to more people because more use means wear and tear on the machine itself. The Vitesse 150lb home multi gym however is very capable, and with it’s sturdy build it is very unlikely you will have any problems with it. However it comes with a 12 month warranty for free, in case you need it

All in all, the features and exercising abilities offered and supported by the Vitesse 150lb home gym will have you working out in ways you never thought possible before. For every muscle you have between your head and your toes, there is a way to tone and build those muscles just by using this home gym regularly. A Vitesse multi gym is extremely reliable, and may be just what you are looking for.

Vitesse 150lb Home Gym Features

  • Designed to provide over 30 exercises
  • Great looking with a modern design
  • 125 kilograms or 275 pounds maximum user weight limit
  • Slim size that allows for easy placement and setup
  • Great for all users including those who are just beginners as well as experts

Vitesse Multi Gym Specification

  • Size: 202 cm X 140 cm X 98 cm
  • Weight: 125kg

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