Powertec Multi Gyms

Powertec, the one of a kind fitness brand was established in 1998 and pioneered the advent of the plate loaded leverage machines for home. With just over ten years of market presence the strong hold established by them is exemplary. This exponential growth is a result of innovative product design and aggressive marketing. Having established a well spread delear network, Powertec made internet the tool of extensive marketing. This has not only enabled them to establish the credibility of the brand but has also led to their diversification into commercial equipment. Leverage equipment is the fastest and the most effective way of developing body strength. These mean machines combine the feel and results of free weight with the control and safety of machines providing the perfect strength training combination. The multi-gym segment combines such leverage machines with isometric, elliptical and toning work-out routines.

Having understood that multi gym market is all about perfect quality and safety, Powertec equipments are designed with great craftsmanship to ensure precision movements and enhanced safety. Even under circumstances of wrong usage of the equipment the design minimizes the risks involved. The construction in well treated and durable steel ensures longevity and the use of the powder coating technology gives the equipment a smooth finish. Taking into consideration extensive usage the testing process is carried out under maximum weight and usage conditions to ensure that only the best and the safest equipment is used by its clients. Such heavy duty design is coupled with comfort and aesthetic appeal. The look of the product makes it a piece of art in your home gym. The padded grips and cushioned seats placate the need of ease during strenuous exercising. The 1-year warranty covers every component of the equipment, and after sales support ensures that the rare problem that you may face is attended to asap.

So next time you are shopping for the perfect multi gym Powertec with its quality, durability, design, safety and style appeal should definitely top your list!

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