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Marcy WM1509 Multi Gym Review

Marcy WM1509 multi gymThe Marcy WM1509 multi gym has everything to help you through weight loss training, muscle building, strength training and all around staying fit and healthy. The 2 inch by 2 inch steel tube support frame is made of heavy-duty and long lasting steel that is sure to last longer than ever expected.  The powder-coat finish is also durable and long lasting so that your machine will shine like new day after day just like the time when you first got it. The pulleys measure at 3 and ¾ inch with sealed bearings and this multi gym offer 45 kilogram weight stacks for the user to choose from with ease.

The cables that make the Marcy WM1509 home multi gym work as well as it does are 200 pound tensile strength aircraft cables. These cables are definitely as strong as they sound so in reality, there is no way you can hurt this machine during the times where you are using it because it is simply built to handle anything thrown its way! Aside from the technical stuff, this multi gym has plenty of abilities: leg developer, butterfly, curl pad (preacher), lateral pull-down bar as well as low and high pulleys.

Additionally, the large sized roller pads incorporated into the leg developing section of the gym are specifically there to allow the proper pivoting point for accurate isolation of muscles. Pressing exercising and fitness strategies are more than welcome throughout the structure of this multiple workout home gym. The Marcy WM1509 multi gym offers incline, bench, shoulder and even pectoral pressing options for maximum fitness and workout results!

The Marcy WM1509 multi gym weighs in at 101 kilograms (222 pounds or approx. 16 stone) and the dimensions are 160 cm X 110 cm X 209 cm so yes, a nice amount of area to put this machine is always recommended. In actuality, the weight of this home gym is actually not that heavy so there should be no issues if someone wants to set up the gym in a second level area or anywhere else for that matter. The Marcy WM1509 is a great multi gym for the novice and experienced trainer alike, and will help you achieve your goals, all in the comfort of your home.

Marcy WM1509 Multi Gym Features

  • Ankle straps, straight bar with rotating ability and lateral bar included
  • Allows you to perform many quality strength exercises
  • Excellent range of motion available for maximum benefit
  • Curl pad for arms is adjustable
  • Protective metal weight stacking shrouds for safety
  • Max user weight (including weights and bars) is 140 kilograms (308 pounds or 22 stone)
  • Dimensions are 160 cm X 110 cm X 209 cm
  • Weight of the machine is 101KG.

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