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Marcy MP3500 Review

Marcy MP3500 Multi GymThe Marcy MP3500 multi gym provides a great way to exercise at home or office with ease, effectiveness and safety intact. A durable frame combined with the padded upholstery done up in a sleek contemporary design makes this multi gym an eye candy. The Marcy MP3500 home gym provides a completely balanced work out for the upper and lower halves of the body, unlike some of its competitors. The Marcy MP3500 multigym has provision for combinational and isolated work outs as per individual needs. The various stations include a fly wing section, lat section, chest and pectoral station, biceps and triceps station and a unique hip station which facilitates a wide variety of leg development exercises. The special feature of the multi curve lat bar is that the different arm positions allow for exercising the various muscles of the back, shoulder and chest. The large, adjustable handlebar offers the opportunity to do chest, shoulder and back exercises. Just pull the pin and set-up a desired angle of the handlebar. You can hold the handlebar in 3 different positions, which allows you to focus on different parts of the muscles. The low-pull allows you to do a wide range of exercises such as seated row, biceps curl, front raise, etc. Hold both handlebars at each side of the Marcy MP 3500 Deluxe multigym and you can combine working out the chest muscles with the pectoral fly exercise. So with the number of features, combined with the aesthetic appeal, the Marcy MP3500 multi gym is a steal with a rock bottom price. So go on and get yours now to start your workout programme!

Marcy MP3500 Multigym Features

  • Durable frame work with elegant design
  • 70 kg weight stack with 100kg resistance
  • Large lat bar for exercising various muscles of the back, shoulder and chest
  • Exercise module for training and development
  • Easy to assemble package
  • 5 years part warranty and lifetime frame warranty

Marcy MP3500 Multi Gym Specification

  • Weight: 160kg
  • Dimensions: 193x125x205cm
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