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Marcy MP2106 Deluxe Multi GymThe MP2106 deluxe is a brand new home gym from the fitness giants Marcy and it represents absolute value for money. With an array of functionalities provided in a way that allows them to be customised according to your own specific requirements, the Marcy MP 2106 multi gym has taken the competition by storm. A complete solution for fitness in the comfort of ones home, this gym is a paradigm of versatility. The Marcy MP2106 deluxe is made out of a hardened frame with a powder coated finish ensures longevity and stability. The powder coating makes sure that there is no loss of colour or rust deposition over prolonged use. The various stations such as chest press, backrest pad, preacher pad, seat height, lat bar motion can be adjusted to suit individual need. The Marcy MP2106 deluxe multi gym comes with stations designed to help work on specific areas of the body in a more effective and result oriented way ensuring a complete and balanced work out. With various sections for the chest, shoulders, arms, stomach and legs, the Marcy MP2106 multigym can be utilised for advanced strength training or simple toning. The MP2106 includes a variable grip lat bar with padded upholstery, tricep bar, cushioned ankle strap for greater grip, abs crunch strap. The Marcy MP 2106 multi gym comes with a unique exercise chart that provides details for exercising position, repetition and weight use. This chart if followed can be used to learn exercise in a more effective and safe manner without the need of an expensive trainer. So whether you are looking for power, size, strength or simple toning, the Marcy MP 2106 deluxe multi gym is your one stop solution.

Marcy MP2106 Multigym Features

  • Hardened frame with separate warranty
  • Easy to assemble manual
  • Lat bar, fly wings, preacher pad, chest and arm press
  • Exercise manual for guidance and assessment
  • 2 year warranty on part and labour

Marcy MP2106 Multi Gym Specification

  • Weight: 147kg
  • Dimensions: 193x106x208cm
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