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Marcy Inspire M4 Review

marcy inspire m4 multi gymThe Marcy Inspire M4 multi gym is a modern home gym that is completely designed to be iso-lateral which allows the user to be completely free within their movements while using the machine. This is important to those who like to have free range control on their motions and abilities throughout exercising. Another unique feature within the Inspire M4 home gym is its ability to ensure complete muscle building balance between each side of your body because of how the machine is designed to put half of the weight on each side of your body. This feature is known to improve all around balance and coordination due to the equal building and toning of muscle.

There are plenty of traditional, new and always unique features on the Marcy Inspire M4 multi gym including the latest which is a lateral tower that allows for the splitting of cables to where they crossover for a custom yet refreshingly different method of exercising. The bicep curl is a standard exercise that many people incorporate into their exercising sessions and the adjustable dual pulley system is designed to get the maximum benefits out of simple exercises. The M4 multi gym is also designed around the idea of building small muscles with small weights at first but begin moving towards heavier weights in the end. To help with all this, the makers of this multi gym at Marcy have offered an exercise chart to help you customize and design the best workout for the results you personally want.

Additionally, the Marcy Inspire M4 multi gym comes with straps for handles and ankles along with revolving grips for the handles for ultimate comfort. The dimensions of the M4 home gym are 244 cm X 122 cm X 212 cm and the maximum weight for those using the machine is 150 kilograms. When bought from a place offering it, this gym can come with a manufacturer’s guarantee for light commercial and personal use with varied times and repairs covered. Most of the time though, you are able to get a free three year guarantee for a majority of repairs and minor fixes.

The Marcy Inspire M4 is a top end premium home gym. It’s expensive, but if you have a high enough budget and are looking to recreate a quality alternative strength gym in your home, then this is probably the multi gym for you. It’s price is reflected in it’s quality, and if you are looking for nothing but the best – then the M4 home gym may be your best choice.

Marcy Inspire M4 Home Gym Features

  • Lateral tower with splitting cables for crossover exercising
  • Dual pulley system for bicep and tricep exercises
  • Completely iso-lateral for free movement throughout use
  • Perform countless exercises to build strength and endurance
  • Excellent design with a top quality gym appeal
  • Extremely well-built with the strong and expensive materials
  • Maximum user weight is 150 kilograms
  • Dimensions are 244 cm X 122 cm X 212 cm

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