Life Fitness Multi Gyms

The Life Fitness multi-gyms are a perfect example of ground breaking technology meeting unmatched design. The multi-gym are precisely crafted in a way that will meet the requirements stated by the personal trainer and interior designer both!! Coming down to the basics, the quality control and exhaustive testing ensures that the equipment has been tested under the maximum weight load. Unlike its competitors the home gyms provided the stellar combination of products that ensure a balanced work out for both the upper and lower sections of the body. To ensure that your are entertained during your strenuous routines, most of the machines come with in built LCD screens. The enhanced safety and easy to assemble design have made Life Fitness the favoured brand of multi-gyms with families. With an exceptionally large and strategically spread sales and service network comprising of over 200 distribution center, one can be assured of excellent support.

So whether its quality and durability, safety and ease of usage, sales and service support, Life Fitness ensures to meet all your requirements.

More About Life Fitness

Life fitness, a global leader in fitness equipment has a long and interesting history. This venture kicked off under the name of Lifecycle Inc, when two farsighted budding entrepreneurs bought the patent rights to the Lifecycle Exercise Bike (the common stationary bike) from its inventor Dr Dimick in 1968. With the fitness industry growth in the late 70’s and 80’s, the brand was bought over by Bally Manufacturing and rechristened Life Fitness. Once taken over the brand which was already popular for its innovative technology and marketing gained a thrust momentum and hence diversified into the commercial market. With an array of fitness enhancement products for cardio vascular, strength, weightlifting, basic toning work outs, Life Fitness has successfully penetrated every segment of the fitness market. With the sudden boom in multi-gyms and similar home use products the brand introduced its own diverse range of equipment which provide every possible combinational work-out.

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