Life Fitness G4 Home Multi Gym

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Life Fitness G4 Review

life fitness g4 multi gymThis is an excellent home gym system, but be sure to read our Life Fitness G4 review before making your purchase. The G4 is also known as the Life Fitness GS4 Multi Gym. The G4 home gym offers a total workout for your body whether you are a beginner or a professional body builder. The chair’s back rest is capable of positioning you for shoulder presses and 5 different inclines as well as a flat setting for bench pressing. Several users of the Life Fitness G4 home gym rave about the fact that this machine is easy to adjust to different types of exercises that you may want to do for your workout. This home gym is specifically designed with the user in mind and because of this ergonomically designed structure, this machine is well known for being easy to use above all others. Basically, the structure of this machine is based up the actual shapes and movements of the human body which is what truly makes it user-designed for easy use.

The mid pulley, arm pec fly and the rear deltoid are great features of the Life Fitness G4 that support expanding arm, abdominal, chest and shoulder exercises among many others. Each time you feel the need to make adjustments to the Life Fitness G4 multi gym you’ll find that the process is done fairly fast and easily as well. The G4 home gym is also designed to be able to easily fit in a wide range of areas from small to large and hopefully, you won’t have to move around too much in order to get this gym to fit where you want it to properly and securely.

The overall structure of this particular home gym is designed with durability, versatility and long lasting elements in mind along with the already mentioned user-friendly appearance. Safety measures have also been taken with the production of the Life Fitness G4 home multi gym. The protective stack shrouds, revolving lateral and low row bars, abs and triceps straps, and ankle straps are the bulk of the safety features included with this home gym. The overall dimensions of the Life Fitness G4 multigym are 80 inches X 50 inches X 83 inches but if you add on the optional leg press functions it will measure in at 88 inches X 82 inches by 83 inches instead.

In conclusion, the Life Fitness G4 also known as the Life Fitness Parabody GS4 is a complete home gym system which combines quality, design with supreme functionality. It might be a little pricey, but it is well worth what you will pay for it. You get a great machine which can act as an alternative gym inside your home, with the backing of the leading commercial gym brand. The Life Fitness Parabody G4 multi gym, has plenty of features and more, and is recommended for the serious user looking to get toned, build muscle mass, keep fit, or increase strength. If you already own this home gym system, then we welcome Life Fitness G4 reviews from users – just post in the comment box below.

Life Fitness G4 Home Gym Features

  • Ergonomically designed to work with the shape and movements of the human body
  • Allows you to perform many quality and popular exercises
  • 5 incline settings including flat position and adjustable back pad
  • Optional add-ons including calf raise and leg press
  • Stack shrouds and chest, ankle, abdominal and triceps straps for safety
  • Space efficient design making it ideal for smaller places in the home
  • Extremely durable and well-built – made to last
  • Warranty – 3 years parts and labour. Lifetime warranty on frames.

Life Fitness Parabody G4 Specification

  • Dimensions/Size (without leg press add-on) – 203cm x 127cm x 211cm
  • Please allow sufficient room to use the machine too

Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym

About this Exercise Bike: Life Fitness, Reviews

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Life Fitness G7 Review

life fitness g7Read our Life Fitness G7 review now to find out whether this complete home gym system is right for you! Remember you need to have enough space for this in your house, and if you do, it is well worth the money. The Life Fitness G7 home gym is one of the most popular home gym systems around. The G7 was designed with a commercial style gym in mind that would be perfect to have in your own home. This home gym unit has the ability to perform various workouts that you choose for the upper body as well as the bottom half of your body. Building your own workout program has never been easier than with the Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym because it will allow you to keep progress reports on your workouts that you designed so you can see the progress you have made.

If you want to work out both sides of your body at one time you can but this machine allows you to focus on one side or both depending on what your workout plan consists of. The two duel weight stacks allow a person to only work one side of the body at a time if they wish, so that they can focus on particular muscle groups while building their muscles.  The ability to use the duel systems separately can also allow for a team work out if you would like to have a partner to help motivate you during your workouts. This is one of the beauties of the Life Fitness G7 home multi gym.

The twenty, smooth pulley adjustments per column allow users of this gym to perform an almost endless number of exercises to get the most out of this system.  The quick connection cable attached to the weights can have different bars and accessories attached to it for different workout routines. There is also a mounted exercise fitness book on the Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion gym that will help show you over 60 exercises to use or to morph into your own fitness workout.

Another great feature to this fitness machine is the training DVD which has a certified personal trainer that will help motivate you through two different workout routines. Some accessories are the two 160-lb duel weight stacks, the straps and bars included will make for a great workout that can be used for many routines and styles of workouts to benefit your body. The Life Fitness G7 home gym really does offer the complete home workout for any strength training enthusiast!

Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym Features

  • Personal trainer on DVD with 2 routines for a great workout
  • Dozens of quality exercises can be performed
  • Can be used by more than one person at a time
  • Workout both sides of your body or one at a time
  • Quick attachment features  for using different bars and straps for your workout
  • Mounted exercise book to the G7 gym as a workout guide
  • Designed for your home with a real gym in mind

Life Fitness G7 Specification

  • Size (with bench): 174.5cm x 178cm x 210cm
  • Working area required (with bench): 300cm x 549cm x 210cm

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