Beny V-Fit Herculean Improver Gym

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V-Fit Herculean Improver Review

Beny V-Fit Herculean Improver Gym

This is an excellent multi gym which is available at a great price. V-Fit are well-known for producing good quality practical exercise and strength equipment at affordable prices – and the V-Fit Herculean Improver Gym is no different. This multi gym has a 90kg resistance (enough for most users) and allows you to do a number of exercises.

On the V-Fit Herculean Improver multi gym you can perform a bench press, lateral pulls, chest press, upright rows, crunches, sit ups, leg extensions and back leg curls. The V-Fit Herculean Improve multi gym also features the Pec Dec allowing you to effectively train and specifically target your chest and pecs for extra definition.

With the V-Fit Herculean Improver gym you really are getting full body conditioning  at a great price. If you are looking to get in shape, build strength, build muscle, increase definition or increase endurance then this can help you. Work out on your back, legs, chest, and arms. The V-Fit Herculean gym can be used in the comfort of your home and it can blend in nicely no matter where you place it. It also a very compact multi gym that can fit in nicely but is strong and sturdy enough to give you a great workout.

V-Fit Herculean Compact Improver Gym Features

  • Nice compact design
  • 90kg resistance
  • Tubular steel main frame
  • Impact absorbing rubber frame
  • Deep padded vinyl seats
  • High density expanded foam grips and leg rollers
  • 12 months parts supply guarantee

V-Fit Herculean Improver Multi Gym Specification

  • Weight: 98.5kg
  • Dimensions: 140x116x212cm
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