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Multi Gym Brands

Here are some of the best multi gym brands around. You should consider them if you are looking to buy a multi gym. Some focus on cheap multi gyms, others cater for various budgets, and some focus mainly on the high-end market. For more information, just click on the brand.

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Multi Gym Buyer’s Guide

A multi gym is an equipment that lets you do various exercises and work out most muscles in the body. The most popular of mutli gyms uses weight stacks. Due to an increase in demand multi gyms are now more compact and versatile than ever.

However this has also meant an increase in competition between multi gym brands. To help you make the best decision before you buy a multi gym, you should consider the points below.

Multi Gym – What to consider?

Weights - Most multi gyms work by utilising a weight stack and pulley system, creating resistance. You simply put a ‘pin’ into the weight stack based on what you want to lift, similar to many machines in a gym. You need to check the resistance is right for you, taking into consideration long-term improvements. As a recommended guide, a weight stack of between 5kg (10lbs) and 90kg (200lbs) is the minimum that most users will require. This will allow you to tone up and give you the flexibility to add strength too.

Exercises - The whole purpose of multi gyms is to perform many exercises on one machine. You should have a good idea of what areas of your body you want to work out, such as the chest, back, legs and arms. Most multi gyms meet this need of variety. However, they can vary in the number of exercises that can be performed on them. A good multi gym will have at least 11 different exercises. Generally, the more expensive the model, the more exercises that can be performed.

Price - This is possibly one of the most important factors when deciding to buy a multi gym. As a rule of thumb, the more you pay the better you will get. The way around this rule is to find expensive models at discounted prices, like the retailers above offer.. However you should try to avoid cheap models that are not discounted, especially if it is a brand you do not recognise. Getting good quality that will last and you will actually use will represent better value for money than one that will break down in one year.

Size - Although multi gyms can be a fantastic addition to any home workout routine, you must have the space to fit one in! They are by no means small machines, and you should consider whether you have an area of a room/empty room/garage available for such a hefty product. However, a multi gym is extremely compact compared to having seperate products that would be required to do the range of exercises that can be done.

Warranty - Multi gyms are large complex machines, and for extra peace of mind you might look for a multi gym with better warranty. All multi gyms should have some sort of warranty.

Brand - As with many products a brand can be important in reassuring you of what you will get, and it is no different with multi gyms. To see a list of brands you can trust, click here.

Multi Gym Benefits

Multi Gym Benefits

Not Sure a Multi Gym is right for you?

Multi gyms have many benefits, and here are some of them below. If you find that some of these are imporant to you, then multi gyms can be a great way to train your whole body and implement resistance training in a safe and controlled manner.

Multi Gym Benefits

Conveniant - It is probably no surprise to you that multi gyms provide conveniance, and a lot of it! Firtly, a multi gym is a great alternative to going down to a gym. As our lives get busier, we have less time to waste. If you have comittments that prevent you from regulalrly going, then a multi gym might be the perfect answer! Just use it whenever you want to.

Also, a multi gym is a great alternative to free weights which can be a whole lot more difficult to set-up and use effectively, especially when you are on your own.

Finally, a multi gym is a machine with countless exercises. To train your body in such a complete manner you would require many different products, while having to learn how to use each one properly. It is much simpler to just have one familiar machine that does it all.

Safety - When it comes to resistance training at home, multi gyms pride themselves on safety. Providing you familiarise yourself with the exercises, an injury is very unlikely. In contrast, injuries with free weights are not uncommon and the techniques can be a lot harder to do efficiently. Another bonus is that you can train safely alone. When using free weights, training on your own creates potential risks and a partner is almost certainly required.

Cost - Although it may not feel like cost is a benefit when you splash out on a multi gym, in the long run your money is more than paid back compared to to paying a monthly gym membership cost.

Physical Benefits - A multi gym really can deliver in benefitting the whole body. Whether you are looking to tone up, strengthen, build muscle, get in shape or a combination of these, a multi gym can do all of this effectively. Doing lighter weights with more repititions is a fantastic way to increase your metabolism and lose weight, whereas heavier weights with lower repititions can be used to increase strength and build muscle. There are also psychological benefits, and exercise is a proven way to reduce stress, while increasing happiness and confidence.

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Multi gyms have grown extremely popular in the last few years, and really are the “must haves” for resistance training at home! Benefits such as safety, convenience and tidyness give multi gyms an advantage over other fitness products. Join the thousands of people using a multi gym to tone up and improve their fitness!

If you are not sure which multi gym to buy then we can help. We have a multi gym buyer’s guide which tells you exactly what you need to look out for. We also have multi gym reviews for some of the best home gyms around. These reviews can help you decide what is right for you!

We also find you the best multi gyms for sale, including cheap multi gyms, compact multi gyms, dual station multi gyms, and best-selling multi gyms. We also feature the main brands, and find you multi gym sales for York, Weider and Marcy. We are completely independent and impartial and want to make it easier for you to find a multi gym. What ever you are looking for, whether advice, or a buying guide, we have it here. We also feature the best multi gym offers and deals, so you get value for money no matter what your budget is.

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